What women say about contraception

What women say

Find out why different women prefer different contraceptives based on their lifestyles and requirements.

What women say about contraception


Having the implant allowed me to take control of my life, putting my career and social life first without having to worry about pregnancy.

That's not to say that I don't want to get pregnant in the future, but only when I am good and ready. And that's what is great about the implant — I can have it taken out whenever I want. With local anaesthetic the procedure was painless — it was in before I knew it and I haven't worried about contraception or pregnancy since.


Rebecca, 20

Contraceptive Injection:

I'm starting to settle down now and so the contraceptive injection is great for me.

I'm not ready to have children just yet but I think I may want to start trying within the next year to eighteen months. It lasts for around three months, so I know that as soon as I want to start trying for a baby I won't have to wait long to be in a position to try to conceive. In the meantime I can continue my sex life without worrying about protection or taking a pill every day.

Contraceptive Injection

Sarah, 31

Combined Pill (COC):

I'm young, fit and healthy and want kids very soon — but not just yet. I'm not a fan of needles so the injection is not an option.

As I'm with a partner I trust, the combined pill gives me all the protection I need and doesn't interrupt sex. My GP said that even if I forget to take one pill in my cycle, I am very unlikely to get pregnant — which was very reassuring to hear.

Combined Pill (COC)

Lucy, 24

Progestogen-only Pill (POP):

I believe in enjoying life and doing what I want, when I want. So, when it comes to contraception the POP is the one for me.

I don't like needles and because of my age and smoking habit the GP said this would suit me best. I want kids soon and since the pill only lasts for a month as soon as I want to start to try and conceive, I'll be ready to give it a go.

Progestogen-only Pill (POP)

Tracy, 36

Male Condom:

With a fairly active sex life, I'm terrified of getting an STI — much more so than getting pregnant. With condoms I know I'm protected and can have sex when I want it.

I always make sure my partner wears a condom. They're great — I don't have to remember to take anything and because they're so widely available I can get them whenever I need them. They're even free from my local CaSH service.

Male Condom

Becky, 18

Diaphragm/Cap with Spermicide:

I have to be independent and in control of my life. I don't like relying on others — especially when it comes to contraception. That's why I use a diaphragm.

I hate relying on men to wear condoms and a diaphragm lets me take contraception into my own hands. After a bit of practice, it's really easy to insert and I can do this anytime before having sex. I am able to relax and enjoy my sex life without having to remember to take a pill or worry about pregnancy.

Diaphragm/Cap with Spermicide

Lisa, 20

Female Condom:

I'm young and enjoying life — kids and STIs are both huge no-no's for me. With a female condom I don't have to worry about unplanned surprises — of any sort!

It also means that I'm in control of the contraception. So even if my partner forgets or doesn't want to wear a condom, I know I'm protected. It's easy to use and I can insert it quickly and easily just before sex — so I get the protection I need without having to remember to take a pill everyday or have any nasty injections.

Female Condom

Kelly, 21

Natural Family Planning:

My husband and I don't want children but our religion doesn't allow us to use any form of hormonal or barrier contraception. That's why we use natural family planning.

After training with a professional teacher, I've learnt how to tell when I'm fertile and when I'm not. It's been great. Natural family planning has allowed us to have a great sex life without a high risk of pregnancy or going against our religious beliefs. If we change our minds and decide to have a baby, I am now very in tune with my cycle which will hopefully make conception easier.

Natural Family Planning

Michelle, 38

Intrauterine Device (IUD):

I'm too busy focusing on my career to even think about having kids at the moment. With the IUD, pregnancy is one less thing on my mind.

Getting the IUD fitted was quick and, because it lasts up to 10 years, I won't have to worry about it for ages. But just in case I settle down a little sooner than expected, my GP has reassured me that my fertility will return to normal as soon as it is taken out.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Leanne, 23

Intrauterine System (IUS):

The thought of having kids doesn't appeal to me or my partner, so it was important to us to find a reliable, long-term contraception that doesn't interfere with our sex life — the IUS does just that.

Because it lasts for five years it's a big weight off my mind. It has also helped my periods — I used to have a problem with heavy periods but, after having the IUS inserted, they've become much lighter and shorter. Getting it fitted was quick and I've never looked back.

Intrauterine System (IUS)

Gemma, 30

Contraceptive Vaginal Ring:

Between juggling my career, my social life and my relationship, I haven't got time to worry about contraception.

With the Vaginal-ring I know I'm completely protected, even if I vomit (which is not always the case with the pill). It even lasts for 21 days, so I don't have to think about contraception every time I have sex. It's very easy to put in and take out. My fertility should return to normal soon after I stop using it too; which is perfect because I think me and my partner will try for kids fairly soon.

Contraceptive Vaginal Ring

Beth, 32

Contraceptive Patch:

My husband and I don't want kids, so it was important to find a method of contraception that we could use throughout our marriage. 

I'm a bit squeamish so when I learnt about the patch it was such a relief — the thought of an injection or implant horrified me! The patch lasts for a week which means we don't have to worry about contraception every time we have sex — to be honest I occasionally forget I'm even wearing it.

Contraceptive Patch

Anne, 29

Where can I get contraception?

You can get contraception and further sexual health advice by visiting your GP or contacting your local CaSH service, details of these can be found on the NHS Choices website.

You can find more sexual health information, as well as advice and guidance on a range of other health-related topics, by visiting the KWC website.